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License # HI01100005

Home Inspections


   Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

The mission of House Detective, LLC is to perform a thorough, completely objective, visual home inspection to give buyers and sellers peace of mind about building components. Also, determine safety issues and necessary installations to best inform individuals before they buy or sell a home.

Who I Service
Even though a home inspection is a valuable asset for anyone, the primary individuals that benefit most are home buyers, owners selling their home, and realtors.

Home buyers benefit from a third party overview of the home condition. This limits the number of surprises buyers may discover when they move into their new home. An inspection provides peace of mind and helps in making a sound home buying decision.

Owners and Realtors looking to sell a home can benefit from a professional inspection as well. Inspections can ensure the structure is safe and efficient for the new owners. A Scope of Inspection report is a valuable asset to show potential buyers that extra steps have been taken to protect their interests in the home.

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